Top Marketing Trends of 2017

With so many digital marketing options on the market, how do you narrow down and select which ones will work best for your business in the upcoming year? In “5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch For In 2017,” Cristine Felt introduces you to the top five trends for the yea - 

Influencer Marketing
Think Kylie Jenner declaring on how much she loves her Fashion Nova jeans on an Instagram post. Companies enlist the aid of these influencer marketers to recommend their products and services. According to AJ Agrawal in “Why Influencer Marketing Will Explode in 2017,” a recent survey showed that 84% of marketers plan on using at least one influencer marketing campaign this year.

Augmented Reality
Remember the summer of 2016 and Pokemon Go? According to Felt, at the height of its popularity, Pokemon Go generated $10 million in monthly revenue. Felt believes that in 2017, companies will use this model as part of their advertising campaigns.

Interactive Content

Consumers have shown interest in interacting with digital marketing content. Instead of simply reading content, many consumers prefer to take a quiz or a survey or enter a contest.

Video Marketing
Video marketing remains one of the strongest marketing methods, according to Felt. With 360 videos on the market, she expects that even more companies will use instructional videos in 2017 to advertise services.

Live Streaming
Live streaming has increased in popularity recently as the public demands content to be “in the moment.” Consumers will be open to live streaming advertisements, says Felt.

Watch for these five digital marketing trends to grow in 2017!


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